Max Dvorkin is a 12-year-old from Bridgewater, New Jersey. He is in sixth grade and lives with his parents, older sister, two dogs, and a guinea pig.
Max has performed in several shows throughout his six years of being in the theater. The theater is one of his biggest hobbies, and he especially loves singing. Max has taken dance and performance classes at various studious since he was six years old. He aspires to be on Broadway someday, perhaps as Damion from Mean Girls.
One of Max’s favorite experiences was when he was chosen to perform in two productions with the Voorhees High School Drama Club. Acting alongside the High Schoolers as one of the kids in It’s a Wonderful Life and Will’s son in Big Fish taught Max patience, focus, and hard work. Some of his other favorite performances were in SKIT’s Really Rosie as Pierre and Frozen as part of the Ensemble.
Max is fond of shows such as Hamilton, Six, and Mean Girls. He also loves traveling and has a big interest in Greek Mythology.