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Bryan is an accomplished actor with 10 years of experience. He has acted in “Zoom” shows such as Henry VI Part II and Henry VI Part III. He is also impressive with Stage Crew and Ushering for Main Street Theatre Company. He also acted in Coriolanus as a Messenger and a Third Lord, amongst other roles. His favorite role is Lord of Leeds from Disability Allies' Version of The Greatest Showman. His most recent role was the lead role of Prince Edward in Henry VI Part III. He loves acting. In addition to Shakespearean dramas, he has done roles in comedies such Mr. Cole from Emma, and a Minister from The Thin Man And The Goofy Groom. He has also portrayed Silvius and a Second Messenger in Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It. His last “in-person” production was The Secret Garden at Main Street Theatre Company.

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