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Nagisa Kashima is a singer/actor/dancer from Japan.
At the age of 5, she started her training as a dancer focusing on modern dance, where she learned the joy to breathe on the stage with bare feet. Even she didn’t know anything about performing arts, she had determined to live her life to be an artist.
Her life has changed when she was 12 years old, at the moment she found her dream to be a professional performer in Musical Theater. Since then, she continues her training in
singing, acting and dancing, which eventually brings her opportunities to learn from the coaches across the globe.
After years of training in Japan, she will begin her school life in New York majoring Musical Theater in 2021.
Her credits include Ms. Yuka Takara’s Music Video Omamori, Yuka Takara with Alvin Ing Live 2020 (Okinawa, Tokyo).
She is also participated in #socialdistancesingalongs project of Broadway’s Babies, a non-profit organization.
She is so grateful for The Broadway Mentors Program for their warm support.

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