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Your voice is "you". 
Any inhibitions, tension and restrictions you may have, will be reflected and revealed in your voice. Allow your presence to be big and full. The song is small, like an article of clothing, another dimension of you. You are more important than the song, than the words, yet the song must be clear, illuminated. Every song is a communication. Look at the scene and/or song objectively first, before making subjective choices.
What is the song about?

What is the event or situation in the song?

Where is it taking place?

What has just happened that motivates dramatic action? (life before)

To whom are you singing?

What do you want or need?

What do you “do” to get what you want? By what means? How? (the intention is always a verb…seduce, confront, coax, threaten, implore, invite, challenge, ect.)

What are the obstacles? (create dramatic tension)

Do you succeed or fail in achieving objective?

What does the lyric tell you about the character?

What does the feel of the music tell you about what the character is feeling? (condition)

Plot is story. Story is an interaction of characters. Actions are either physical, verbal, psychological, or a combination of all three.
They must travel toward a target in order to interact with the physical, verbal, and psychological actions of others.
And what is done to you by someone or something, causes your responses, your sensations and your feelings, about which you will want to do the next thing. (give and take)
Other Key Words or Actions……….Charm, Demand, Plead, Protest, Beg, Accost, Command, Subdue, Titillate, Tantalize, Torment, Urge, Excite, Intimidate, Allure, Pacify, Flatter, Encourage, Inspire, Shame, Humor, Tease, Alarm, Hassle, Goad, Irritate, Provoke, Delay, Compromise, Placate, Cajole, Patronize, Vilify, Rouse, Quash, Inflame, Assault, Surmount, Bait, Beguile, Impress, Mystify, Bewitch, Terrify, Threaten, Please, Dazzle, Deflate, Inflate, Defy, Harass…..etc.
Suggested reading…. A CHALLENGE FOR THE ACTOR, by Uta Hagen, published by Charles Scribner’s and Sons.
IF YOU WANT TO WRITE, by Brenda Ueland

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